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IGEP Dialogue on “Resources and Raw Material Scarcity – A bottleneck for India’s Growth? ”

Thursday, November 8, 2012 at the GIZ Office, 21 Jorbagh, New Delhi

The second in the series of IGEP dialogues was held on the topic, “Resources and Raw Material Scarcity – A bottleneck for India’s Growth?” on November 8, 2012. Ms Ligia Noronha, Executive Director (Research Coordination)and Director (Resources, Regulation and Global Security Division) of The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi and Mr Jürgen Giegrich, Managing Director of the Institute of Energy and Environmental Research, Heidelberg, Germany were the main speakers.

Dr Noronha emphasized the importance of making a distinction between availability and scarcity in the Indian context. At present, while the resources might not be scarce, their availability is limited and therefore, they need to be planned, managed, their use made efficient, and in some cases, substituted with other options.

Mr Giegrich emphasized that resources need to be seen beyond just materials resources – which includes energy, materials, water, land, biodiversity, people as well as the ecosystem services.