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Orientation Programme on Planning of New Industrial Parks and Investment Zones

April 06, 2013; Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Under on-going technical cooperation between GIZ, GCPC, GIDC, GPCB and GIDB, 1-day Orientation Progmamme on “Planning of New Industrial Parks and Investment Zones” was organised on April 06, 2013 at Cambey Spa & Golf Resort, Gandhinagar. The purpose of the programme was to facilitate awareness and knowledge on environment friendly planning site master planning for new industrial parks and manufacturing/investment zones.

The Orientation Programme was part of the core topic of “Planning of New Industrial Parks and Manufacturing/Investment Zones” of the Sustainable Industrial Development component of the IGEP Programme. The core topic has focus for showcasing pilot measures in the states of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

The inaugural session of the Orientation Programme had Mr. B. B. Swain, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), Mr. M.M. Jivani, Chief Engineer of GIDC, Dr. Dieter Mutz, Director of GIZ, IGEP Programme and Mr. Bharat Jain, Member Secretary of the Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC).

The orientation programme was conducted in an interactive manner, with the participants actively involved in the discussions on various topics related to “Planning of New Industrial Parks and Investment Zones” and GIZ experts moderating and facilitating discussions.

Mr. N. Raghu Babu, Senior Technical Advisor & Programme Coordinator of GIZ (IGEP Programme) was the key resource person and facilitator. The participants in the programme were from relevant agencies in Gujarat, including GIDC, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB), Dholera Special Investment Region Regional Development Authority (DSIRDA), Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC) and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB).

The key topics covered were:

  • Understanding industrialisation in Gujarat
  • Importance of Siting
  • Industrial Estate Planning – concepts and examples

The discussions included status of industrialisation in Gujarat, major existing/potential impacts from industrialisation, major “Building Blocks” in planning of new industrial parks, problems associated with improper siting/land use, important aspects for site selection, design concepts and international examples.

Schedule of the Event

20130403 Schedule Orientation Prog 6 April.pdf

Images from the Programme