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Half - day Orientation Programme for GPCB Officials on Environmental Issues & Solutions for Textile Sector

July 06, 2013; Gandhinagar, Gujarat

One of the core topics of the Sustainable Industrial Development component of GIZ-IGEP is “Environment Friendly Techniques in identified industrial sector”. Under this programme, for showcasing pilot measures, GIZ is focusing in the state of Gujarat.

Textile is one of the large industrial sectors in India, which is widely known to be energy and water intensive sector and also has greater implication from the environmental scenario. ‘Environmental Friendly Technologies/Techniques’ plays a significant role in reducing the negative environmental impact from the sector provided suitable approach is adopted and right kind of technology is selected by the industries.

As part of the on-going technical co-operation between GIZ, Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC) a half day orientation programme on “Environmental Issues & Solutions for Textile Sector” was conducted for the officials of GPCB on July 06th, 2013 at Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), Gandhinagar. The major aim of the programme was to facilitate awareness and knowledge exchange on ‘Environmental issues and Environment Friendly Technologies/Techniques (EFT)’.

The objective of the half-day Orientation Programme was to provide understanding to the GPCB officials on various textile processes having impact and their intricacies on the larger environment which is expected to help regulatory body executives in dealing with the environmental clearance process of such types of industries. The programme is further intended to deliberate on various barriers and their solutions which would also provide added advantage to the officers, not only in promoting environment friendly techniques but also in assessing Industries environmental integrity.

The target group includes participants from relevant field officers and unit heads of GPCB. Based on the response of the present orientation programme, GIZ plans to take up more training programmes in the near future on similar subject area.

The inaugural session was attended by Dr. K. U. Mistry, Chairman, GPCB, Shri. Hardik Shah, Member Secretary, GPCB and Mr. Bharat Jain, Member Secretary, GCPC. In his inaugural speech Dr. Mistry emphasised on the importance of environmental mitigations in textile processing and provided a holistic view on the same. Mr. Shah elaborated on various GPCB progressive initiatives in dealing with industrial pollution and also highlighted a few critical environmental issues that are inherent to the textile industries including the need for finding solutions to the same.

Mr. Debajit Das, Technical Advisor (GIZ-IGEP), together with Mr. Nitesh Patel, Junior Advisor (GIZ-IGEP), moderated discussions and provided technical inputs. While Mr. Das elaborated on the critical textile processes having significant impact on environment along with related environmental issues and their macro level solutions, Mr. Patel inspired the participants with some live case examples that have large potential to provide concrete solutions to the environmental problems which are observed in the textile sector.

The programme ended with the vote of thanks from the GPCB officials.


Presentation by Mr. Debajit Das, GIZ India