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Round Table Discussion on “Strategic Actions for Environmental Improvement in the Pulp & Paper Sector”

9th September, 2013 at GIZ Office, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

Under the on-going “Indo German Environment Partnership” (IGEP) Programme of the Indo German Development Cooperation between the Government of India and the Government of Federal Republic of Germany, one of the core topics is “Environment Friendly Techniques in Selected Industry Sectors”. Pulp & Paper sector is seen as one of the priority sectors where the technical cooperation could focus on.

To understand the need for environmental improvement in the Pulp & Paper Sector in India and plan strategic actions, GIZ-IGEP organised half day Round Table Discussions on 9th September, 2013 at GIZ Office, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.

After the self-introduction by all the participants, Dr. Dieter Mutz, Director, IGEP programme of GIZ, welcomed the participants and made brief remark on the need and importance of addressing the energy and other resource conservation potential of the paper sector in making the Indian Paper industries more competitive. Mr Raghu Babu Nukala, from the IGEP programme introduced the background of the project and explained the objective of the round table.

Dr M.Salahuddin, Director (SE) from MoEF made an opening remark touching upon issues related to 17 critical industrial sectors and the role Cleaner Technologies in mitigating the environmental impacts in these sectors. In his opinion by 2020 - 2025, the attempt should be to have a list of around 15 to 20 technologies for the sector which can see real adaptation by the industries to make difference in the ground. He also felt the need for all stakeholders to come together to improve the environmental performance of the sector.

Mr Dabajit Das presented an overview of GIZ-IGEP activities and then project framework for the proposed study in Pulp & Paper sector. In his presentation, Mr. Das deliberated on the critical environmental issues identified through the baseline study and also mentioned about the available solutions, their merits and de-merits from the process implications and environmental impact mitigation point of view. The presentation is attached in Annexure-1. References to the Best Available Techniques Reference (BREF) documents as published by European Commission were also drawn while discussing on the possible technologies.

Mr A.K.Vidyarthi, Sr. EE who is looking after the Pulp & Paper sector at CPCB highlighted the achievement of “Water Conservation and Compliance” of Pulp & Paper units through cluster approach under “Ganga Basin” improvement strategy during the year 2012-2013. The initiative was taken under the “Charter for Water Recycling”, with a focus on identifying best process Technologies and Best Practices including ETP up-gradation in 5 industrial clusters covering around 84 paper industries. Inspired by the success of the initiatives, many other units also has started participating and the number of industries by now has gone more than 100 in numbers.

Shri N.K.Kuttiappan, Consultant GIZ made a presentation on the proposed study plan (attached in Annexure-2). Mr. D. K. Singhal from Chandpur Enterprises Ltd. made a presentation as to how Pulp & paper members need to work on “Intra” & “Inter” exchange of ideas by mutual inspection of practices followed in respective units and permitting others to follow the good practices in the sector. He also suggested a “Rating Plan” for healthy competitive spirit.

It emerged from the discussions that, it is felt that the CPCB work on the sector should be taken into consideration for further work on the sector and sub-categorisation of the pulp & paper industries should be followed in the GIZ activities in line with the categorisation suggested by CPCB. It is also expressed that the GIZ support may be extended towards strengthening the ‘Managerial System’ of the five clusters, training of the Laboratory & ETP staff of in pulp & paper clusters in Ganga Basin where CPCB has taken up the initiatives.


GIZ team will further work on the sector taking into consideration the above points, the experiences from CPCB and come up with findings and a proposal of further activities in the next meeting, which may be held in October/November 2013.


Presentation by Mr. N.K. Kuttiappan