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Sumana Chatterjee

Ms Sumana Chatterjee is a Geographer cum Planner, and specializes in integration of sociological aspects to dimensions of urban and regional planning. She holds dual Master’s Degrees in the field of geography and urban & regional planning from renowned universities in India. She has been awarded Fellowship in earth, ocean, atmosphere and planetary sciences. Her expertizes in formulation of urbanization strategies for development of small towns and peri-urban areas, and holds interest on further pursuing its policy and governance challenges.

Sumana has joined GIZ India in 2016, and is working as a Technical Expert for ‘Land Use Planning and Management’ project in the pilot state of Odisha. In her professional career, she has served as a consultant for River Front Development projects under the ‘National Mission for Clean Ganga’ project with Department of Drinking Water, Government of Uttarakhand. She has also worked with Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad, as a Knowledge Manager in diversified Urban and Environment Management projects for the Government of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.

Shehas international publications in renowned journals and conferences, and has been acknowledged as assistant author for the book on ‘Ethics in Governance’.

Contact: sumana.chatterjee(at)