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Publication: Regional Planning For Sustainable Land Use in India

Upscaling the learnings from the LUPM project requires an understanding of the current status of regional planning in the country, approaches and initiatives taken in other states as well as insights to the particular problems of the different realities across the country.  

 This publication aims to build knowledge of the best ways to utilise land through spatial planning on a broader scale, i.e., district or region. It comprises twelve chapters written by Indian scholars and professionals, who describe the role regional spatial planning can play in overcoming India’s social, economic, environmental, and infrastructure challenges. The contributing authors discuss various issues of regional significance, and offer ideas to overcome the problems.

 The editors conclude that regional plans should be prepared based on a thorough understanding of regional issues, and even the best-designed regional plans will be difficult to implement unless the responsible agencies at the state and local levels are prepared to handle their tasks professionally.


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31 May 2019, Delhi

At the end of the 'Land Use Planning and Management' project a booklet is published, which comes under the name 'Regional Planning Approaches - Lessons from the Land Use Planning and Management (LUPM) project". In this booklet the main activities and results of the project are summarised. While the main ouputs of the project can be found here on the homepage under the heading "Documents", the booklet is available via this link.

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28-30 November 2018, Dehradun

Together with Wildlife Institute India (WII), LUPM project conducted a 3-day training workshop on strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

The demands on natural resources from development in diverse and economically important sectors are escalating and remaining natural areas in India are under increasing pressure. So far, environmental concerns are only partially included in the Indian planning processes at all levels. Seeing the inclusion of environmental concerns in the regional planning processes as crucial, SEA is seen as an approach to do so.

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15 November 2018, ORF, 20 Rouse Avenue, New Delhi

ORF and GIZ organised a conference on “Regional Planning in India: Policy, Planning and Implementation” on 15 November 2018 at ORF, New Delhi.

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15-19 March 2018, Xavier University, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Spatial planning beyond boundaries: Studio on Participatory District Planning”

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October 06-07 2017, Delhi

Spatial Planning beyond boundaries

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