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Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) today have over 350 Industrial Parks in Telangana. Especially the small and medium enterprises (SME) make use of the created infrastructure in these industrial parks. Many of these industrial parks were set up 2 to 3 decades back and lack orientation to environmental and climate considerations.

Climate change would cast an adverse impact on water and energy resources, which has a direct impact on the Industrial Production. Heat waves in combination with infrequent rainfalls will severely impact the workers and production. It is projected that Hyderabad may face extreme weather events like high frequency rainfall, prolonged droughts and heat waves, which will hamper the industrial growth in the state. The frequency and intensity of cyclones in coastal Andhra Pradesh is expected to rise due to climate change, which will hamper the functioning of industrial parks.     

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC and TSIIC) has strategic partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für lnternationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH since 2004 under the Indo German Development Cooperation. The Climate Change Adaptation Project for Industrial areas project has a commitment of EUR 2.5 million Euros (about Rs. 17 crores) from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for a 3 year period up to April 2018. The project assisted by the German Government, is being carried out by INTEGRATION Environment and Energy GmbH, Adelphi consult and Ifanos concept & planning (INTEGRATION) of Germany on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

The cooperation project with Germany will help proactively take measures in industries and industrial parks so as to adapt to climate change and overcome the associated negative impacts and risks for continuation of business by industries.

The project will help develop methods and tools, develop plans for climate-resilient industrial area development and implement the measures on pilot basis in selected existing and new industrial parks in both the States. In the process, the staff of APIIC/TSIIC will be trained and the organisational capacities of APIIC/TSIIC will be strengthened.